Our mission:

The mission of Life Truth or Dare is to educate, inspire, and empower everyone to lead slower, calmer, happier, more compassionate, more joyful, and more meaningful lives.

Truth: Life can be happier. Dare: Learn more, laugh more, love more.

What this project is:

A reflection on the world and myself—sometimes afar and universal, sometimes up close and personal.

A collection, exploration, and synthesis of personal development concepts, success principles, self-help, spirituality, positive psychology, philosophy, Eastern beliefs, Zen, natural health, humanism, character education, kindness, positive human relationships, social causes, the slow movement, and simple living.

A dedication to developing the full human potential, maximizing everyone’s inner peace and happiness, and shaping a more loving, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and connected world.

Who the author is:

Nathan Chow is
~ a teacher, youth worker, tutor, writer, coach, consultant, photographer, and digital media artist by profession;
~ a juggler, runner, soccer player, deadpan joker, and food gobbler by hobby;
~ and a humanitarian by virtue of his beliefs. (Am I allowed to call myself a humanitarian??)

He lives in Boston and is mid-twenties young.

A Boston University alum, Nathan majored in film (in the College of Communication), minored in psychology, and took a considerable number of courses in education and philosophy. Although this project is a fusion of all those fields, he knows he learned much more about life outside class.

More about Nathan, his writings, and his life mission (including his bio about how and why he is a bunny) can be found at http://nathanchow.net.

Alrighty, done talking in third person. Peace.


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Life coach and consultant:

I’m an aspiring life coach and I’m still experimenting with the field. Would you or anyone you know want to be one of my first and free clients for leading a happier, slower, and more meaningful life? I can tailor my lessons to your needs and goals. Although I’ll have little idea what I’m doing, you can teach me how to improve too. It will be fun and life-changing, most especially when I give you guinea pig nicknames. The possibilities are endless. Email me for this free deal. Thanks, Furry McFuzzball.

I am also a business and school workshop leader based in Boston. I once led a life balance and prioritization workshop to executives of a Fortune 100 company. It was accompanied by real juggling lessons, making the workshop unique, fun, and memorable. Email me at nathanschow@gmail.com for my affordable rates while I’m growing in this line of work.


Unless otherwise specified in a particular post or photo…

This site, all “blog posts”, and all photos are copyrighted © 2014 by Nathan S. Chow. Only some rights are reserved.

What does that mean? Glad you asked.. (Well, maybe you didn’t, but hey, I just needed a smooth transition..)

About using material from Life Truth or Dare:

You are free to copy, distribute, reproduce, and display anything from this site—even enormous, ginormous chunks of it—as long as you credit the author and site (and preferably link back). No permission is required.

Throw my stuff around and repost as much as you want!

I am always curious which of my material will be used and how, so although not required, shooting me a quick email or Tweet would be awesome for my own data and feedback purposes! =)

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And onward:

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